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Uncertain Journey

Sometimes the journey we are on is not a simple or an easy one. It can be fraught with uncertainty about the future, physical demands, emotional rollercoasters, and financial investments. In fact, it may be acknowledged that this journey is not likely one that you want to be on. Given the uncertainty and the enormity of what we are facing the following messages may carry us through the next steps.

We are not alone. There are support systems on this journey; we just have to find the strength to access them and they will accompany us and support us throughout the journey. They are the different professional teams, the organized support groups, our friends, our colleagues, family members and sometimes even new friends that we may find along the way.

Our support teams care for us. They care for us because it is part of their job and they have been well trained to do so; because they respect us in our challenge; because we inspire them with our courage and vision for the future; or simply because they care for us.

We are strong and they respect us. We made it clear to them that we are strong by starting our journey and persevering and by reaching out to them.

We are not alone. We keep walking and taking on every new challenge that each day brings. There is leadership in meeting each challenge. There is leadership in every step.




Nicosia, Cyprus