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Easy Plan Your Week

The importance of having a good plan in place cannot be sufficiently highlighted. Whatever you do make sure you have a plan in place broken down to adequate detail so that you never find yourself in a position wondering what to do today or tomorrow. Yes, it is possible to have a plan for each and every day, if you follow the four steps below and devote the time to have a weekly planning session with yourself.

Devote the thinking time

The first step to good planning is dedicating the time for it. I recommend that you block time in your calendar for this. You may call it Weekly Planning Meeting with Self or any other name you like. I cannot highlight enough the importance of setting a specific time to be with yourself and plan your day, week and years. It is a significant step towards the success of your goals. For me the best time for this meeting is Sunday afternoon or early Monday morning before the day kicks in.

Identify your goals and mind map them

The second step to good planning is determining what goes in the plan and creating the mind map for it. Identifying your most important goals for the year (or even for the next three or five years) as well as the critical steps that lead to the accomplishment of these goals and planning for them is very important. If your goal is to write a book you want to concentrate first and foremost on those action steps that bring you closer to the publication of your book and then on anything else.

Plan the small steps

The third step is planning each and every project/step that leads to the accomplishment of the goal drilled down to a weekly level. Every Sunday afternoon you will attend the weekly meeting with yourself and plan each day of the week to come. Every Monday follow the plan. Next Sunday review the week and plan the next week. If you go by to-do lists, this is the time to create your prioritized weekly to-do list as well.

Plan your self-care

The fourth step is including a number of self-care activities in the weekly plan so that you avoid burn out and maintain your positive mindset and total wellbeing. You may include such activities as go to the gym, get sufficient sleep, have a coaching or mentoring session, meet with friends and spend time with loved ones.

If you don't currently devote thinking time for you, try it out by holding a weekly meeting with yourself. See what changes. You may find that you experience less stress and more joy as you go through your days.




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