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How do you create the winning psychology that you need to succeed?

Speaking from personal experience and also from experiences shared by clients, I am confident to say that the ability to achieve one’s aims and goals is directly correlated to our daily habits. This is the real challenge: how to transcribe the three keys to success to daily experience and form daily habits.

To create a powerful, winning mindset is simple. It does not take more than a few simple practices and a few minutes at a time but we need to do it consistently, every day. Research says that it takes 66 days to form a habit. This is our challenge: to practice our selected practices for 66 days in a row. Then we will have created a life changing new habit. Believe me. It is an investment worth making.

To select the daily practices, which will create our winning psychology and maintain our mental focus on our goal is a highly personal and developmental process. Some of the most tried daily exercises include:

  • Priming - the daily morning routine recommended by Tony Robbins (see my previous blog on this)

  • Writing in a journal – There are many ways to utilize a journal. You can use the journal to write your life goals but also to record your daily targets. Writing your goals and targets you are exercising your mental creative force and involving your brain, your eyes and hands helps create a powerful mental focus. Writing down targets conditions your body, brain and soul to achieving them. Furthermore, when you read past entries, the journal functions as a success reminder and psychology booster because you are reminded of your past successes and become mere determined and encouraged to continue with the present targets and really persist!

  • Practicing an agility exercise or stretching your comfort zone exercise – An agility boosting exercise is practicing something you don’t often do or don’t really like in order to stretch your brain and get out of your comfort zone to achieve new things; acquire a new taste, drive home form a different route, read a book outside of your interests, play a game you don’t like.

  • Feeling and expressing gratitude – Creating the feeling of gratitude can be a driver for positive results. It is a challenging process, which also involves stretching the limits of your comfort zone since it involves achieving clarity about you, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and accepting them. Feeling thankful about who you are and what you have achieved can grow wings on your shoulders! Writing a gratitude/appreciation list on a daily basis helps create the feeling.

There are many different daily practices that work for different people or even for the same people at different circumstances. A good approach is to select some that you think they may work for you and combine them to create your own daily priming routine. The best approach is working with a professional coach to help you select what works for you and fine tune it and provide the necessary accountability to form the habit.

Check out my next blogs for more on the same topic on how to create a winning psychology and maintain your mental focus on your targets and creating the habits you want to have.

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