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3 keys to success or how to achieve any goal!

'Sculptures' courtesy of Andrea Christodoulides, Artist

Anyone who has ever made anything of importance was disciplined.” — Andrew Hendrixson, Artist

Tony Robbins says that results or success is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. To this seemingly simple recipe I add unlimited persistence and there you have my three keys for success:

  1. Psychology or mindset or mental focus- the challenge here is to take control of your mental focus. Your mindset (the way you think) is the single most important determinant of success.

  2. Strategy – you must have a plan, a schedule (some coaching clients call it a schedule and I like that) and you need to stick to it

  3. Persistence - you need to keep walking (my own favorite slogan); you need to keep pursuing your goal, target, and purpose fearlessly and undeterred until you succeed. If you keep walking, if you keep pursuing your goal, there is no other conclusion but to reach your Ithaca.

Speaking from personal experience and also from experiences shared by clients, I am confident to say that the ability to achieve one’s aims and goals is directly correlated to our daily habits. This is the real challenge: how to transcribe these three keys to success to daily experience and form daily habits.

Check out my next blogs to learn creating a winning psychology, maintaining your mental focus on your targets and forming the habits you want to have.

Reach out and travel to Ithaca with me. As my favorite poet says ‘…come into harbors seen for the first time...’




Nicosia, Cyprus