In these unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic, we all share similar feelings: anxiety, worry, confusion, and even panic. These feelings are completely normal because, as we already know from living our previously “normal”, everyday life, there is one thing t...

Event X Response = Outcome

This formula is a widely used #coaching tool. It teaches us that when we cannot influence (read alter) certain events in our life then we can influence the outcome or consequences by our response to the event; that is our behavior and attitu...

Sometimes the journey we are on is not a simple or an easy one. It can be fraught with uncertainty about the future, physical demands, emotional rollercoasters, and financial investments. In fact, it may be acknowledged that this journey is not likely one that you want...

Six Simple Tools to Efficiently Manage

Post Vacation Overwhelm 

Getting back into the office routine after vacation can be a real challenge but it can be accomplished efficiently. The best way to do it is to shake away the procrastination temptation and jump right...

  • You have achieved a lot in your life and in the workplace but you feel you have reached a plateau and are seeking new ways to grow

  • You have devoted yourself into building your business or advancing at work and now you feel the need for a more balanced life and...

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